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Film Photographer. Zurich.

Male nude with tulips

Eight color hand-pulled screen print on Lessebo 1.3 Rough Ivory 240 gsm paper, dimension of 70X50 cm.

Limited edition of 25 prints + 3AP, signed and numbered.

Made in Zurich.

I made the drawing during lockdown in May 2020 but could only realize it as silkscreen print almost a year later in 2021. There are eight colors on the prints.. which made it a bit complicated and time consuming to print as each color needs a silkscreen and each silkscreen needs time to expose to the light and to print and to let dry before the next silkscreen prints over the previous color/ layer.

Tulips represent hope and good wishes, and I do hope that this print will cheer up your mood.
Here's hoping for a better year!