Is there nothing ever last until forever?

Is there nothing ever last until forever?

It is true that we came out from the water
The fragrance of the bubble cleanses our skin
The boy and the girl, naked they are
And I swear the deadly cigarette is not really a sin

Yet It is a sad life, like in Sodom
The soulmate you have never found
Please tell Adam, Eve wants to have her freedom
Like a butterfly, she wants to hop around

In your bed, the devil drops me
Before dawn I have to fly away
Don't throw me stones because they want to **** me
Let me disappear, if there's a way

What have I become?
I live to be higher than the tower of Babel
And when the devil gives the freedom
We dance, we kiss, we do the bad things and double

Love I've found. Love I've lost
Don't ask what's wrong with me
I am too busy with Marcel Proust
When he wants me to do Dostoievski

We leave at the end of the stories
Everyone we meet has wrong intention
But we always need the good kisses
That's why we **** half of the nation

She told me that I am a fell
I've done some good, I've done some bad
But it's not your story to tell
It is not that sad

And the devil gives you the chance
I'm like his twin
Thats why we dance
Really there's no reason to drag me for a sin

Let me go outside to find a lover
Because I die with all the sorrow
And the Christmas is over
What left is a baggage that you know

The title of the music on the background is Becoming George by Abel Korzeniowski from A Single Man original soundtrack album.
The Gumball machine filled with skulls is an art installation by Marco Perego, currently exhibited at the Galerie Gmurzynska in Zurich.

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